I’m Moving!


I'm Moving

Well not my house.  My blog.

For the past couple of years I’ve tested out blogging.  Now I think I am going to give it a real good effort.  I’ve been researching and studying some of the bigger blogs out there and am going to go ahead and jump right in with both feet.  For real.

Where am I Moving to?

All this time I’ve been blogging on a free WordPress Site: https://daleaceron.wordpress.com/.  It’s been a good learning experience for me but where I am going to there’s more flex with the customization of it.  So now, I’ve secured my own domain (www.daleaceron.com) and will be self hosting my blog on someone’s server.  I think I’m ready.  But I guess only time will tell.  For those who are subscribed to my old blog, I hope you’ll follow me to http://daleaceron.com and subscribe to that one also.  See you there!


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Crossing the Line.

Crossing the Line

The past few months have been somewhat interesting for me.  I`ve done some hard things and have learned a little bit more about myself.  Unfortunately for me, it`s not over.  Actually I think it`s just started, and I`m excited…sort of. Continue reading

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Charlie Brown’s Teacher


Just the other day a lady came into the office. She was quite distraught and upset. With panic in her voice she asked “Can you please tell me where such and such is? I’m normally good with directions but I must have been turned around some where.”

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“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.
~Ephesians 4:26-27

Be angry and don’t sin. What does that mean, and how do we do that?

I can think of two basic reasons why we sinfully get angry (there are probably more reasons than these two). First is an anger which stems from idol worship, and second is an anger that stems from unforgiveness.

If you love something, or someone, more than God, and something, or someone, comes along and threatens to take your idol away from you, you will get very angry. This is a sinful anger.

If someone has hurt you in the past, and you are holding a grudge against them, you will always be angry for it–even if you think you have a righteous anger. You may think, “So and so did such…

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The Second Wind


Last night I set out to run 8km or higher. I did it, but not without a big push. Supper ended just an hour before I stepped out the door so I thought I would be fine. Wrong. I started to cramp at 2km. That started to change my original goal, so I thought. Perseverance had set in and I kept going. My pace was great and I was able to hold it until the 7km marker. My pace slowed down, the sidewalk started to pass by a lot slower and my breathing got louder and shorter. Continue reading

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Run Half or Run Full, That is the Question


At the start of last summer, I decided to run for fun. Since I was used to getting up at about 6am for driving the bus anyways, I thought I would keep up the early morning routine rather than sleeping in for a couple more hours then have to fight to get used to it again by the start of the new school year. So that’s what I did. Continue reading

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Postive + Positive = Positive

Positive + Positive = Positive

Positive + Positive = Positive

In this new year of 2012, I am trying hard to look at things with more of a positive angle at every thing.  Now it’s not like I am a crabby old guy who sees everything so negatively as though I am looking through a dark pair of sunglasses, but I must admit there are times that positive is not my default.  I am prayerfully asking God to help me with this process.  Also, in trying to have success in it, I am simply not telling myself not to be negative, but rather I am exchanging them with positive ones instead. Continue reading

30 Days…Next!


With many late nights and dark circles under my eyes, I’m done. I have completed my very first 30 day challenge of 2012. Write at least 1 blog everyday for 30 days. Sure I missed 2 days, but either way I persevered after wanting to quit after the 4th day. What did I achieve in the end? Well let’s see: Continue reading

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How Changing My Perspective Pushed Me Over the Edge


Yesterday, I wrote a post titled, “Get Rid of Misunderstandings Once and For All“. In that I post I talked about how asking questions can instantly stop a train of misunderstandings. Today I am writing another benefit about asking, but instead of asking to clarify, I want to go into asking to overcome.

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